In South Africa, the energy landscape is marked by uncertainty and change. No company, government or municipality can ignore energy since the very fabric of a modern business, country or city is energy. Energy affects every aspect of the economy driven by increased digitisation in sectors like financial services, logistics, entertainment, and others.

Our solutions include: 

  • mitigating reliability risk and navigating the regulatory obstacles associated with the transition to renewables; 

  • energy and emission baselining to understand the current state of an organisation’s energy and emission profile;

  • developing applicable technology and investment pathways to pivot to a low carbon business model;

  • roadmaps to reduce an organisation’s spend on electricity usage and to correspondingly reduce the carbon footprint created by the company’s activities;

  • assisting with net zero/ESG strategy and reporting.

These solutions assist clients and organisations to develop robust energy transition strategies that ensure their competitiveness and inclusion in the just energy transition.

Issues you may be facing

  • Navigating the changing regulatory environment pertaining to the energy transition.

  • Understanding the impact of energy on your carbon footprint. 

  • How to incorporate the energy transition in your business strategy and evaluate energy solutions against formal targets (e.g. net zero, SBTs).

  • How to navigate current and emerging technology options to find the best fit for your needs.

How we can help you

PwC’s energy expertise spans a range of disciplines. Together, the team can assist you with understanding the regulatory, technical and financial elements related to the just energy transition and how it impacts your business. We understand the integral linkages that energy solutions must have with pressing ESG concerns and commitments.

Energy regulation

Climate- and energy-related laws and policies are evolving at an unprecedented speed. We assist our clients with understanding and navigating the regulatory risks and opportunities associated with the just energy transition. This includes using our regulatory risk matrix to map current and emerging energy- and climate-related laws and policies according to the client’s circumstances. We also assist the public sector with understanding the regulatory reforms necessary to support a just energy transition.

Energy technologies

We can assist your organisation to navigate and understand current technology options and developments that are occurring at a rapid pace to find the best fit solution for your needs. We can assist in developing energy transition strategies by assessing market opportunities and threats and energy risk scenarios to model optimum cost and efficient solutions.

Market intelligence

We understand that the energy needs are dependent on the sector and markets within which our clients operate. Using our global knowledge we are able to provide an overview of the market within a sector, including key developments and achievements, the key players, market opportunities and challenges as well as funding opportunities in relation to the just energy transition.

Investment portfolios

With increasing climate pressures and the phasing out of fossil fuels, we understand that energy affects the way in which investors view businesses. We help our clients understand the investment and financing options available to ensure that their investment portfolios meet the demands of investors and take advantage of clean technology options.

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