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Executives are struggling with developing and executing strategy. At PwC’s Strategy&, our pioneering approach, built on distinctive capabilities, enables companies to focus on their greatest strengths and gain a competitive advantage.

Our Global CEO Survey drew insights from 282 CEOs in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our survey and research reveal that CEOs in sub-Saharan Africa develop resilience and agility as they navigate an evolving and complex business operating environment. To enhance business sustainability and performance, they can diversify their products and services, streamline operations to focus on core competencies aligned with their purpose, collaborate to drive impact, invest in attracting and retaining talent, and prioritise good governance and sustainability objectives. 

These and other strategies help organisations to achieve balance, which can feel like a moving target. Our Global CEO Survey highlighted the criticality of winning today’s race while running tomorrow’s, with 40% of CEOs thinking their organisation will not be viable in ten years’ time. Most of those CEOs feel it’s critically important for them to reinvent their businesses in future. 

Balance is always difficult. Day-to-day priorities can overtake or overwhelm broader strategic transformation initiatives, and yet it is those strategic initiatives which will improve resilience and agility over time.

Now is the time to rethink how to create value for customers, defining new ways of operating and creating competitive advantage, broadening ecosystems, exploring alternative markets and re-establishing innovation as a core differentiator. It’s about finding opportunities to pivot to new products and services, based on unique capabilities.

This will require a fresh style of strategy and leadership and fostering high performance cultures. It is also a critical time for organisations to define their purpose in society.

At Strategy& our purpose is driven by championing economic and social change across the African continent through delivering innovative and sustainable transformation. 

Our Strategy& team is standing by to help you and your leadership team reimagine a vibrant and prosperous future in the new normal. We will work with you to innovate new services and solutions, to find ways to delight customers and create value, to build on your current capabilities to pivot to new sources of value, and to build the resilience and agility to thrive in an increasingly uncertain future.

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