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Get your company future ready today to thrive in an uncertain world

You’ve seen it for yourself. Markets that used to be fairly predictable are experiencing significant paradigm shifts, and many of the globe’s biggest (and long-standing) businesses have been taken by surprise. In a radically changing world, relying on experience isn’t nearly enough.

In these rapidly-changing times, and with constant pressure to compete, it’s easy for business leaders to overlook a basic principle: build from your strengths. When you understand what you’re great at, and design your capabilities and strategy accordingly, you can define how you want to compete, and shape your own future.

The problem: Chasing growth

Too many companies are chasing growth wherever it presents itself and end up pursuing too many types of growth strategies in parallel. As a result, they spread their resources thin and leave potentially viable growth opportunities under-resourced. They may experience a temporary revenue boost, but the gains are almost never sustainable.

Those companies end up being okay at many things, but great at nothing. They don’t build the strategic advantage that leads to long-term growth.

Our solution: Don’t chase growth — focus on building your company’s growth engine

At Strategy&, we believe that consistent growth is the result of building a powerful growth engine — a system of a few capabilities that provides real differentiation in the market. From there, growth becomes the result of leveraging that strategic advantage again and again, by pursuing paths that are in line with what the company does — or could do — uniquely well.

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Issues you may be facing

  • Are you nearing the end of a rapid growth phase?
  • Is there a lack of consistency in your company’s performance?
  • Do you struggle to execute on your growth strategy?
  • Do you understand what you are truly good at as a business — better than anyone else?
  • Are there parts of your operations which can be performed better by others?

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