Operations resilience: How to manage daily risks and adapt to unforeseen disruptions

Preparing for the new normal

Rising cost pressures. Protectionism. Disruptions. Sustainability considerations. All of these factors were affecting supply chains even before the global pandemic. But now, as the world changes at an unprecedented speed and on an unforeseen scale, more business leaders than ever are realizing the need to reimagine the way they’re operating. The question is how to do it. 

Our unique approach to operations resilience helps leaders connect the dots from supply chains to digital operations to strategy-linked planning. From the start, we deliver bold thinking, innovative uses of technology, and meaningful human-centered experiences—so that you can realize the full power of your own operational transformation.

Take a look at PwC’s most recent Global Crisis Survey to learn more about what leaders have to say about building resilience.

Leaders say operations resilience is a top priority, according to PwC’s Global Crisis Survey, 2021

Resilience is top priority
Reported negative impacts on operations and supply chain
Altered corporate strategy in response to COVID-19
Said changes have already started toward operational resilience
Are planning to make changes toward operational resilience

Source: Global Crisis Survey 2021

Designing more resilient operations 

Four ways we can help you create value

Dynamic supply chains

Manage uncertainty with a customer-centric, sustainable, flexible, and lower-cost supply chain

  • Complexity reduction
  • Dynamic supply chain segmentation
  • Supply base flexibility
  • Manufacturing and distribution network design
  • Inventory strategy
  • Make or buy
  • Value engineering & modularity
  • Life-cycle management including circularity
  • Waste management

Digital operations

Maximise value & speed across design, source, make, move, deliver and maintain through automation & analytics

  • Automation transformation strategy
  • Connected value-chain design
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Digitally-enhanced worker

Strategy-linked planning

Respond to fast-pace changes with cross-functional and end-to-end transparency and accountability

  • Corporate strategy
  • IBP, S&OP, S&OE transformation strategy
  • Planning analytics
  • Ecosystem connectivity design, including supplier transparency

Workforce resilience

Respond to fast-pace changes with cross-functional and end-to-end transparency and accountability. Make change the new standard by embedding agility and adaptability in the organization and the people

  • Supply chain organization model design
  • Digital upskilling
  • Workforce flexibility design
  • New ways of working transformation
  • Culture

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