Petrel Tang

Petrel Tang

Partner, Strategy& China

Petrel Tang is a thought leader in the fields of real estate and urban development for PwC Strategy&. Based in Shanghai, she is a Partner with Strategy& China. With nearly 20 years of management consulting experience, Ms. Tang’s key areas of expertise include real estate development, commercial real estate, cultural tourism, urban agriculture and public service. She works closely with real estate and urban developers, provides consulting services in business strategy development, business model designing, industry and business planning, large-scale project planning and evaluation, and organization management and optimization. At the same time, she also participated in the development planning projects of many large cities and industrial parks, covering topics of smart cities, science parks, headquarters economy, night economy, urban agriculture, exhibition economy, etc.

Selected relevant experience includes:

Real Estate

  • Developed a growth strategy for a leading listed real estate enterprise in China, performed in-depth analysis of the industry policies, competitive landscapes, trends, and areas of development. Based on the capability-driven strategy model, developed business strategies and implementation initiatives for the client’s main and innovative businesses (long-term rental apartments, featured towns)
  • Constructed medium- and long-term development strategies for a large state-owned real estate enterprise, conducted in-depth research on the trends, policies and product models of the industrial real estate market, in view of the research, designed objectives, business models, core capabilities and implementation levers for the client
  •  Developed strategic plans for the commercial real estate business (commerce, office building, and hotel) of a leading large-scale real estate company in China, analyzed the industry trend in the commercial real estate market, and the local competitive landscape, designed business models and product portfolios for the client
  • Conducted a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the education business for one of the top three real estate enterprises in the industry. By combining the existing resources and strategic investment layout of the enterprise, constructed a future strategic development plan for the client, and provided support on implementation and investment plans with respect to the development plan
  • Developed a strategic plan for the commercial real estate business of a large state-owned real estate enterprise, analyzed the development trend of the commercial real estate market in the United States, Japan and China-Hong Kong, benchmarked against leading practices both at home and abroad, and designed the strategic objectives, business models, business portfolios and core capabilities for the client accordingly 
  • Looked for diversified business opportunities for a well-known real estate enterprise in China in the pan-cultural field, analyzed five international and domestic cultural and entertainment companies, summarized their business models and key success factors, and provided theoretical support and benchmarking suggestions for the company's future development; determined the company's strategic objectives, the overall positioning, created specific business portfolios, developed roadmaps, and business models for the client to operate in the domestic and international markets, and designed the organizational structure correspondingly
  • Developed diversified development strategies for a leading real estate group in China, including corporate vision/mission, business portfolio strategy, diversified business strategy, group and diversified business management model, and implementation support. Proposed specific development themes and related capacity building programs for identified areas of comprehensive consumption and comprehensive health
  • Carried out researches on the early childhood education market for a well-known real estate enterprise in China, discovered the pain points in the market, defined the business positioning, and initiated the business development model of "three-level experience space" for the client
  • Provided analysis of target customer groups and market potential for a well-known theme park operator in the United States with respect to its theme park project in Shanghai, China. Based on the analysis of segmented tourist market data and benchmarking analysis of the theme parks in major cities around the world, established a financial forecasting model
  • Evaluated the concept and feasibility of a healthcare and nursing resort for a foreign real estate company. This included predicting the market size, analyzing the competitiveness of various services, assessing the overall operating model, the specific financial model and equipment standards, and detailed implementation plan
  • Composed a white paper on smart building for a technology service enterprise, including analyzing the development status and trend of the smart building segment in China's real estate industry, potential application scenarios, and pain points of the industry, and examining and refining the industry application cases

Urban Development

  • Person in charge of the implementation of various projects in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration, including regional development, urban planning, and industrial park planning; deeply involved in the strategic cooperation between Shenzhen and Baoding and their joint construction of industrial parks, industry planning of Xiongan’s resettlement area, etc.; developed ‘Xiongan Strategy’ for several state-owned enterprises, determined their strategic missions in the development of Xiongan New Area, and settled specific implementation initiatives to support their development within the New Area and the industry (local industry upgrading and layout of the future industry)
  • Participated in the positioning design and industrial planning projects of many science and technology parks, and new urban centers in the China Greater Bay Area, including Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention New City, Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone - Mawan Area, Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, etc.
  • Participated in the series of studies on deepening the construction of science and technology innovation center and the urban development strategic planning conducted by Shanghai Academy of Development & Reform; assisted in the international benchmarking of generic technology platform construction, and provided suggestions for Shanghai to build a generic technology platform


• MBA, University of Herefordshire
• B.A. in Industry and Foreign Trade, Shanghai University

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