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Fit for Growth

We help the world’s top companies get leaner, stronger, and more ready for growth.

Enabling growth with cost transformation and operational improvement

Companies need a strategic approach to cost transformation to achieve lasting growth. Our Fit for Growth* programs have helped the world’s top companies gain a competitive advantage by refocusing their costs on the capabilities that are truly critical for their success and designing supportive organisations and cultures to make the improvements sustainable. By making deliberate, strategy-backed choices about costs and applying rigorous operational improvement, companies emerge from Fit for Growth transformations leaner, stronger, and ready for growth.

See how it works in our banking or other financial services e-book

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To learn more about our collaborative approach to business transformation, check out our book: Fit for Growth

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The Fit for Growth mini book

Take a look inside the Fit for Growth mini book, a summary of the Fit for Growth book published by Wiley.

The 3 things all high-performing companies do

What sets the world’s top companies apart from their rivals? See how they become fit for growth by building competitive muscle and cutting the corporate fat.

The Fit for Growth Index

A quantitative measure of how well a company connects its cost and growth agendas.

Measuring a company’s capacity to grow: The Fit for Growth Index

In this video, PwC’s Strategy& leader Vinay Couto discusses how the Fit for Growth approach helps companies gain a competitive edge.

3 ingredients to fuel sustainable growth

In this video, Strategy&’s Vinay Couto explains how assessing your company’s Fit for Growth Index can help better position your company for high performance and sustainable growth. 


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