Jenny Lynch

Manager, Melbourne

Since starting at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), I have worked in a variety of sectors. Over my 6+ years, I have worked in a number of different sectors in Australia and around the world – including transport, health, higher education, and financial services. I am still impressed by the variety of experiences that are offered at Strategy& and the learning opportunities that arise, as I step up through the company and into different roles with inspiring team mates and clients.


I am on a large project at the moment, with 40+ consultants across multiple work streams. So it typically starts with my alarm going off (+ a few snoozes) between 6:30am to 7:30am. I will have breakfast and get ready at home, and then usually join an 8:30am teleconference call on my way in, to align on program status and risks with other work stream leads. Then I will pick up a coffee and arrive at the office at about 9am, to catch up with the rest of my work stream, before other meetings – usually a stand-up with the wider program team and then meetings with our client counterparts.


I usually try to eat lunch with the rest of my team – either out or in the lunch area. Then the afternoon is usually set aside to work on our next deliverable, which could be a set of hypotheses, cost / benefits model, or a storyline / deck to consolidate all our findings for presentation to the leadership team. I will usually also have multiple ad hoc conversations with team members in other work streams to keep them up to date on changes in ours, or to understand theirs.


At the end of the day, before everyone heads home – we will meet back up as a team and agree on what further work (if any) needs to be completed by the end of the day, and what we will try to achieve in upcoming days / weeks. While I’m not travelling, I will usually head home to cook dinner with my husband, and then log back on to check emails and review / finish work as needed.

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