Tackle business critical issues.

Our teams tackle diverse, complex, business critical problems for our clients

Our expertise crosses almost every industry – and when there are shifts and changes in an industry, clients look to us for advice on industry trends and cross-industry experience.

We are uniquely placed to deliver lasting value to our clients and win in the market. And that’s why we are the ideal place to accelerate your career and your future.

We also want you to get international experience and exposure, and our London trained strategy consultants are some of the most sought-after in the network.

“You’ll have the option to select a preference for one of these teams when applying, but we encourage you to make an open application.”

“You’ll have the option to select a preference for one of these teams when applying, but we encourage you to make an open application.”

Two market-winning teams

We organise ourselves in two market-winning teams – Corporate Strategy and M&A Strategy. We work together to bring the best to our clients, and we offer a unique, powerful, and distinctive combination of capabilities that allows us to develop and deliver world-class strategies.

The two teams share many of the same attributes – fast progression (aim to reach Manager within three years), working in small teams, international opportunities, the chance to do MBAs, and flexible start. Pay is exactly the same for graduates. The work mix does however vary between the two teams, and there’s a difference in the way we work based on the clients we work with. As a graduate we’ll align you to one of our two teams, but you’ll be able to experience working in both, as we often resource projects together, and provide the opportunity to transfer between teams.

Corporate strategy separates business success from failure. As part of our team of problem solvers and creative thinkers you will put your analytical skills to the test, creating strategic solutions to address the complex challenges faced by business leaders. We work across all industry sectors, where no two problems are the same; variation is at the core of what we do. Our pragmatic, strategic solutions focus on execution to help clients build capabilities to give them the advantage they need, helping to take them from strategy through to execution.

For you this means:

  • Working at clients’ offices – you’ll often be working closely with the client at their offices in the UK or international locations
  • Projects – these can last between a few weeks and months, enabling you to work on projects across many different industry sectors in your first year to quickly build your exposure and experience
  • International exposure – we resource projects globally, meaning international exposure on projects. We also offer secondments at any of our international offices

M&A is a fundamental part of how companies seek to win in their markets and we help clients make the right M&A decisions. With us, you’ll get to know a company from the inside out, and combine razor-sharp analysis with creative problem-solving. Strategy and M&A go hand-in-hand, so while we are often assessing companies and markets in the context of a transaction, many of our projects go beyond M&A, helping clients develop innovative strategies to deliver revenue and profit growth.

For you this means:

  • Working from London – opportunities to visit and work at client offices but most of your time is likely to be based in our London office
  • Projects – are typically three to six weeks long, meaning that you’ll do about ten projects across different sectors in your first year, broadening your experience
  • International exposure – in addition to overseas work and other secondment opportunities, we have recently started a scheme for some of our graduates to do a six-month secondment in our New York office after 18 to 30 months on the job.

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