Consumer goods and retail

We help companies strengthen their brand proposition in a world of slow growth, price pressure, and shifting retail channels.

Building capabilities for future success

The business landscape for consumer companies is becoming increasingly complex — globalisation is driving cross-border operations and digitisation is reshaping the end-to-end customer journey. In addition, the entry of market disruptors such as private-label manufacturers catering directly to the squeezed consumer is putting pressure on margins. Strategic responses such as cutting costs and seeking high-growth markets were once effective; however, these approaches will yield less in the future.

The key challenge that consumer companies now face is to grow at a minimum investment cost while looking internally to optimise operations, embrace market disruptors, and identify opportunities hiding in plain sight.

How we help our clients

PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& can help you navigate this ever more complex landscape. Our focus on a capabilities-driven strategy to help you pursue true market differentiation, coupled with our Fit for Growth approach, will help position your company for future success.

We will work with you to tackle key questions by looking across conventional structures, and we can bring data and analytics to bear on the answers. As part of the PwC network of firms, we can tap and connect broader resources, including PwC’s tax and IT implementation capabilities, to enable a truly holistic consumer offering.

Alongside strategic thinking, we have extensive functional expertise that can help you address key challenges, including:

  • Ensuring effective revenue management through efficient trade spend, pricing, range, and channel management
  • Winning with complexity — redefining your operating model in the face of a challenging and increasingly complicated market
  • Differentiating your supply chain by being leaner and more innovative in approach than your competitors
  • Optimising the ‘total customer journey’, from experience through to inventory
  • Crafting a profitable route to market in new and existing geographies


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