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We develop, design, and implement organisational transformation to improve performance and generate lasting growth.

Align your strategy, transform your business

When an organisation doesn’t meet its stakeholders’ needs and expectations, the cause is not necessarily a misguided strategy. Instead, underperformance is often the result of a misalignment of the company’s strategy and its many complex, interacting organisational parts. To address such situations, PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& designs new operating models, based on market economics and customised to deliver against shareholder expectations, customer needs, and the relationships among the constituencies in the organization’s extended enterprise.

Within our people and organisation strategy practice, we help our clients align their organisation and people behind new strategies. In particular, we help our clients:

  • Manage the people challenges of a transformation by ensuring that there is alignment on the formal aspects (people processes, measurement, role definition) as well as some emotional energy from the informal aspects (networks, role models, behaviours)
  • Diagnose and deliver organisational effectiveness by understanding the organisational building blocks (the organisational DNA) and their interdependencies
  • Design for organisational advantage by helping a company identify its “way to play” and the required capabilities and organisational implications of these capabilities
  • Align the operating model (i.e., the relationships between corporate core, business units, and shared services) in an optimal way so that it best supports the client’s overall business strategy
  • Understand and leverage the culture and informal leaders to give the transformation a boost and allow it to succeed more quickly

Client example

Measuring innovation capabilities and behaviours in the Great Britain rail industry

A central Great Britain railway agency engaged Strategy& to help ensure the Great Britain rail industry is prepared to realise its strategic and technical vision. See how we helped.

Measuring innovation capabilities and behaviours in the Great Britain rail industry


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