Tuomas Hirvonen

Tuomas is a Senior Associate, based in our Helsinki office. He joined Strategy& in 2018, having studied Industrial Engineering and Management at Tampere University of Technology.

Joined the firm in 2018

MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, Tampere University of Technology / Tampere University, 2020

Promotion to Senior Associate in 2020

Why Strategy&

Three reasons attracted me to Strategy& and also has kept me here since:

  • Chance to work with top management of large and international clients in solving their pressing issues that are critical for the success of their business
  • Possibility to work in relatively small team, where you are not “cog in a machine” but have the opportunity to influence things and take meaningful role in the practice
  • Being naturally person with wide-ranging interests, I like the fact that PwC network has broad portfolio of capabilities across different aspects of business (e.g. legal, taxation, corporate finance, sustainability) which also allows me to learn from diverse range of people
How did you experience the onboarding to Strategy&

It was very easy – I felt instantly at home in this great and easy-going team. In terms of work contents I quickly got up to speed and learned the Strategy& way of doing things, thanks to good guidance from other team members. Later in the autumn I also joined “Induction to Strategy&”, four-day training in Munich with 40+ Strategy& new joiners across Europe, to further develop both my strategy consulting skills and to build a Europe-wide network.

What has been your most rewarding project to date

It was 6 week operational / commercial due diligence for industrial buyer. It was interesting due to three aspects: 1) The scope of our work stream was interesting since it included many operational aspects and large amount of details that had to be taken into consideration to form a view into the synergies 2) The close co-operation with client’s team assigned to handle the project and 3) the project has also large internal team, since PwC network was delivering also other services (e.g. financial DD, tax DD) which also meant opportunities to learn new things about e.g. taxation and transfer pricing.

Beyond Strategy&

When I am not in the office you can probably find me engaged in nature-related hobbies, most likely either hiking, hunting or fishing.

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