Alexander Marell

Alexander is a Manager based in our Stockholm office. He joined Strategy& as an Associate in 2017 after finishing his MSc in Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics, and after working two years at a small Stockholm-based private equity firm.


MSc in Finance – Stockholm School of Economics – 2017


Promotion to Senior Associate in 2019 and Manager in 2022

Why Strategy&

Three reasons.

  • First, some of the smartest and most driven people work here. I thrive in an environment surrounded by people striving to both better themselves and to solve new and exciting problems. 
  • Second, the culture and lack of hierarchy – I’ve had fruitful dialogues with everyone at the firm from day 1 - Partners are caring, Job Managers relish being challenged and Team Members are happy to prioritize the bigger picture and my learning. 
  • Finally, Strategy& is the best platform for me to continue my personal growth path and career. The ability to leverage expertise from the network across issues and industries enables me to continuously learn more about business and the multitude of challenges facing it.
What is the most important thing you have learnt at Strategy&

The core consultant skillset is very important, e.g. business acumen, technical capabilities, leadership skills and global mindset. However at Strategy& I’ve also learnt how to more effectively leverage relationships; exploring ideas and hypotheses with the team, interacting and downloading expertise from experts, and guiding and consulting clients.

What has been your most rewarding project to date

It was a 10 week project where we were tasked with the reorganization and development of a new corporate strategy and operating model for a large firm with ~4,000 employees. Through complex financial modelling we got a better understanding of the client than the client had ever had. We then supplemented the quantitative model with qualitative input from a host of counterparts both within and outside the client, to understand potential future growth paths and risks. The work of our small team led to large scale change programs being implemented across the firm – leading to changes to their product portfolio, organization, processes, systems and governance structure.

Beyond Strategy&

When I am not in the office you’ll probably find me cooking dinner at home for my friends, or maybe having a beer or two somewhere in Europe.

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