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The Strategy Profiler

The Strategy Profiler is a powerful tool that helps you facilitate a meaningful discussion about your company’s fundamental questions on strategy and execution.

What is the Strategy Profiler?

Strategy&'s Strategy Profiler is an easy-to-use online diagnostic tool that asks employees across your organization to rate the company's value proposition, capabilities, strategic priorities, and strategic leadership.

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How does the Strategy Profiler help you?

Provides insight into how coherent your company’s strategy is and how well it is translated into the everyday.

Compares your company’s coherence to the industry average and top performers’ coherence.

Determines your company type (your company archetype), highlighting the core of your strategic challenges.

Delivers recommendations for how to improve the robustness of your strategy and serves as a starting point for developing your strategic road map.

Allows you to drill down into specific regions and business units to develop action plans.

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