Strategy& Foresight, Volume 21: The Enterprise Transformation through Organizational culture

Along with the publishing of Japanese edition of “The Critical Few: Energize Your Company's Culture by Choosing What Really Matters” in November 2019, this issue of our Japanese journal discuss the essence of this book. Transformation of organizational culture has become an important management issue under fast-changing and highly competitive global market environment. In this issue, we explain "the critical few" approach, together with four reports, as a methodology for making meaningful changes with leveraging existing cultures.

  1. Great Teams Build Great Cultures
    This article introduces an approach of an effective, tested methodology for aligning a team’s emotions and habits with the objective of large organization.
  2. You Can’t Benchmark Culture
    This article presents some examples of companies that have been able to leverage their own company’s unique cultural strength to enhance competitiveness.
  3. Closing the Culture Gap
    This article offers four practical ways for leaders to lead a successful cultural initiative, and to create a vibrant, ever-evolving organization.
  4. Make your company’s culture go viral
    This article shows several examples that succeeded in spreading the critical few behaviors with leveraging viral methods that go across organizational borders.

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