Strategy& Foresight, Volume 20: Sustainability Management

How do we realize ‚ÄúSustainability Management‚ÄĚ that maximizes the effects by simultaneously pursuing economic profits and achieving social reputation (creation of social value)? To answer this question, this issue presents five reports on sustainability-related strategic issues and solutions, covering the themes of disclosure strategy, long-term strategy, short-term to medium-term strategy, governance design, and digital technology.

  1. Disclosure Strategy of Japanese Companies in the Era of Sustainability Management
    This explains how the ESG-related disclosure should be for Japanese companies and the disclosure strategy for reading one step ahead of investors.
  2. The Need for a Long-Term Strategy under the Paris Agreement: Taking the Automotive Industry as an Example
    This discusses the long-term strategy of an automotive OEM as an example of an industry that is taking an advanced approach to environmental protection.
  3. Scenario of Short-Term to Medium-Term Value Creation Based on the Environmental and Social Perspectives
    This introduces the six perspectives of the short-to medium-term value creation scenario and pioneering examples of companies.
  4. Building Governance Structure Contributing to Sustainability Management
    This describes the five perspectives of governance design that contributes to the implementation of sustainability strategies and pioneering examples of companies that respond to these perspectives.
  5. Digital Technology and Sustainability: Positive Mutual Reinforcement
    This is the translation of an s+b article, which introduces the perspectives on combining digital expertise and sustainability and discusses the key to success in sustainability strategies in the digital age.

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