Article co-authored by Karim Sarkis wins international journalism award

The annual Folio: Eddie & Ozzie awards recognize excellence in journalism and design across all sectors of the U.S. publishing universe. At the latest awards ceremony in October 2019, which celebrated B2B, consumer, and regional publications, strategy+business garnered Eddies for outstanding writing on four articles.

One of the winners, “Making Connections with the New Digital Consumer,” which topped the category for “Best B2B article, marketing and advertising,” was co-authored by Karim Sarkis, who returned to Strategy& in 2018 and recently joined the Strategy& Middle East partnership. Karim and his co-author Dan Bunyan examined the latest ways to deal with consumer insights on apps, such as investing in new platforms with greater focus on mobile data intelligence and app analytics; developing ways to capture data throughout the mobile ecosystem; or adjusting to operating under evolving privacy regimes. They concluded that marketers need to connect with customers across the digital spectrum in a variety of ways, in essence becoming multi-taskers on the various platforms.

S+b’s other winners were in the B2B categories of banking, business, and finance; technology; and energy and utilities. The magazine also earned honorable mentions in five categories for editorial and design work. Kudos to strategy+business!

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