Josephina Sokhn

Associate, Audacia Capital

Former Industry/Office: Financial Services, Dubai
Alumnus since 2015


Josephina Sokhn joined Strategy& in 2013 after graduating from Université Saint Joseph – School of Engineering in Beirut. Josephina was aligned with the financial services practice, whereby she developed her financial skills and discovered her interest in investment management.

The exposure to amazing talent and leadership at Strategy& built the foundation of Josephina’s career. It shaped her way of thinking, and honed her proficiency in communicating, client management, and team collaboration. She was often assigned to challenging projects across different sectors and in various geographies, which gave her the opportunity to assume bigger responsibilities and roles, as well as to experience different cultures, something she enjoyed immensely. She also was fond of the late nights of work, as they fostered the general hilarity and midnight cravings that cemented team bonds. These bonds turned her colleagues from friends into family.

Looking for a new challenge, in 2015 Josephina joined Audacia Capital, a private equity boutique based in DIFC, Dubai. As she saw it, her new position required her to apply the knowledge she gained at Strategy& in real life. She is currently managing various investments from pre-acquisition to exit in the healthcare and technology sectors. Given the structure of private equity firms, she can support multiple roles in the portfolio companies, including strategy, finance, internal operations, accounting, law, and even engineering, which makes her work very enjoyable.   

Outside of work, Josephina has been focused on her family. In 2016, Josephina married Joe, another Strategy& alum, and they have been blessed with two precious kids: Naya (18 months) and Sam (3 months). Joe and Jo enjoy spending time with their kids and getting to know the world from the children’s perspective. 

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