Jia Xu

Jia Xu

Partner, Strategy& China

Dr. Jia Xu is a Partner with PwC Strategy& China, based in Beijing. She also the lead consulting partner of the pharma and healthcare sectors at PwC China, has nearly 20 years of combined professional consulting and industry experience. Dr. Xu joined the firm in May 2008 after working for eight years at a global healthcare leading company in Singapore.

She has a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical business: in the operational, quality, technical and business aspects, and has a deep understanding of compliance, operations, supply chain and risk management. After joining PwC China, Dr. Xu worked with organisations to develop their China growth strategy. She also led commercial due diligence and post-merger integration in a number of major pharma M&A, advised clients on growth and capability assessment, execution of performance improvement, and compliance risk mitigation.

Dr. Xu has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the National University of Singapore. She was elected to the executive board of the ISPE Singapore Affiliate in 2008. She is also a board member of ISPE China. In 2010, Dr. Xu was granted the Top Calibre Overseas Talent award by Beijing’s Chaoyang district government.

Relevant project experience

  • Advised large China state-owned enterprises on strategy development and implementation.
  • Advised regulatory authority on process optimisation and organisation restructure.
  • Advised global leading pharma/medical device MNCs on business model transformation in China.
  • Successfully developed market entry strategies for multiple mid-size European/US pharma companies in China.
  • Advised clients on major pharma deals from target searching, due diligence to post-merger integration.
  • Led a project team to help a leading local pharma company to enhance its overall internal control and improve efficiency.
  • Led a project team to explore new business model for sales staff to interact with physicians in an effective and compliant manner.
  • Led a project team to design and roll out a business solution to improve the compliance status for a world leading pharmaceutical company’s sales and marketing operation in China.

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