The road to responsible growth

How private sector healthcare providers can accelerate recovery and growth through purpose

Look ahead: Private healthcare

What responsible change looks like for private healthcare providers

What is the future of healthcare? And what role will private healthcare providers play within it?

These are two of the key questions explored in the latest Strategy& report, The road to responsible growth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a fundamental and far-reaching impact on the healthcare industry and, notably, on its workforce. It has necessitated a cohesive public-private response and demonstrated the value of our health and care system. But it has also accelerated the UK's health workforce crisis. Those looking to understand good population health management need first to understand the pandemic and post-pandemic context. 

The report draws on the industry insights of our consulting and deals strategy teams. It makes the case for responsible change - encompassing ESG -  exploring the levers that will stimulate sector transformation – a focus on quality, employee value propositions, and capacity optimisation. Finally, it provides a range of tangible suggestions of what a responsible business should do next. 

To find out more, download the report below. 

“ A well thought out employee value proposition based on workforce skills and career progression has the potential to deliver medium – to long-term returns ”

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