The road to responsible growth

How industrial manufacturers can accelerate recovery and growth through purpose

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What responsible change looks like for industrial manufacturing

Responsible growth is not a new consideration for the industrial manufacturing sector. An appreciation of the environmental impact of the production process has evolved over time – and no one working inside the industry doubts that it will need to play an integral part if the UK is to meet emissions reduction targets by 2035 and NetZero targets by 2050. 

Supply chain disruption is the most visible impact of the pandemic and geopolitical instability; a cause of volatility that is likely to persist for some time. However, responsible growth can happen.

To track transformation within the industrial manufacturing industry requires first an appreciation of the levers of change that will spur accelerated and purposeful growth. Our latest Strategy& report, The road to responsible growth, draws on the insights of our sector-specific consulting and deals strategy teams. And it outlines in detail those change levers – sustainable products, talent attraction and retention, and leveraging new technology – that will galvanise recovery and growth. 

Looking through the lens of purposeful business change – encompassing ESG – the report offers a range of tangible suggestions of what a responsible industrial manufacturing firm should do next. 

To find out more download our report below. 

“ 47% of manufacturing businesses are prioritising upskilling existing employees ”

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