An appetite for opportunity

How changing dietary goals can drive growth in retail and consumer goods

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Healthier living. Ethical consumerism. Greater convenience. Stricter budgeting. A whole array of trends are combining to change the way consumers make their food choices – and the products they decide to buy.

The result? Never has the maxim ‘you are what you eat’ been more relevant. Consumers’ unique relationship with food and drink has become an extension of their individuality and personal goals, and a reflection of the wealth of choice they enjoy today.

That’s why 59% of UK consumers have changed their diet in the past five years. Now COVID-19 has accelerated these shifts, with 29% making changes since March 2020.

To better understand these trends, we surveyed over 2,000 UK adults before and during the pandemic. The message? If retailers and consumer packaged goods companies adapt now to embed a detailed, data-driven understanding of the shopper’s diet goals - rather than just their product choices - at the heart of everything they do, they can capitalise on a significant growth opportunity.

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