Robots & pizza

Robots have transformed manufacturing & next they’re coming with your pizza.

In a world where organisations are facing disruptive competition, those that succeed will be those that operate in an environment where change is the norm and the speed of technological advancement demands they transform, at pace.

This ‘Robots and pizza’ example illustrates how technological disruption could transform seemingly straightforward elements of daily life. ¹For example, an innovative US startup, which makes pizza to order in its oven and robot-equipped trucks, delivers fresh, inexpensive food to people’s homes rapidly. As of October 2017, it had raised more than US$70 million in venture capital. Although no one can predict whether they or another contender will succeed, the general logic of vehicle-based fast-food represents a major threat to low-cost restaurant chains.

¹10 Principles for Winning the Game of Digital Disruption – strategy+business

Have you considered how potential disruptors are changing the shape of your industry and whether your business model is fit for the future?

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