The road to responsible growth

How media organisations can accelerate recovery and growth through purpose

Look ahead: Media and Advertising

What responsible change looks like for the media and advertising industry

For those looking to benefit from marketing services – as well as those providing those services – there are three key levers of change likely to lead to business transformation. The three change levers are massive marketing transformation, shifting patterns of consumer engagement, and the changing data landscape. 

The latest Strategy& report The road to responsible growth for media and advertising, focuses specifically on the challenges and opportunities facing brands and agencies. It explores customer need and the wider case for responsible growth.  

The report draws on industry insights from our consulting and deals strategy teams. It sets the sector in its economic context – forecast growth and industry dynamics – before considering how it might evolve in the coming months and years.   

Looking through the lens of responsible growth and business purpose – encompassing ESG – the report offers a range of tangible suggestions of what a responsible business should do next. 

"For the media and advertising industry, an ability to cultivate trust, by reflecting the purpose of their increasingly socially-aware customer and client base and demonstrating transparency, is critical.”

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