The road to responsible growth

How the energy industry can accelerate recovery and growth through purpose

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What responsible change looks like for the energy industry

While events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are first and foremost human tragedies, they have also caused significant economic shocks, exacerbating pre-existing turmoil in the energy markets and adversely impacting businesses, supply chains and the cost of living. 

The backdrop of the net zero agenda and the need to address climate change, provides the context for the latest Strategy& The road to responsible growth report. 

How should business, government and investors respond in this fast evolving landscape? And what will be the effect of market volatility on responsible growth and long-term decarbonisation?

The report addresses these questions, drawing on the industry insights of our consulting and deals strategy teams. It makes the case for change through the prism of affordability, security of supply, and decarbonisation, offering tangible suggestions as to what to do next. 

It is those in the energy sector that think and behave with agility who will be best positioned to succeed. 

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“ We previously estimated £40bn per year would be required on average to be invested in new low carbon and digital infrastructure in the UK over ten years to ensure a credible pathway to net zero decarbonisation by 2030.”

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