The road to responsible growth

How asset and wealth management organisations can accelerate growth through purpose

Look ahead: Asset and wealth management

What responsible change looks like for asset and wealth management

From fees to products to distribution models, asset and wealth management is a sector in flux. It is a sector that has been buffeted by global events – not least the fallout of COVID-19 – and it is a sector that is facing up to the dual forces of technology and regulation. 

It is in this context that those in the industry are contemplating change –change with purpose. 

In the latest report in the Strategy& The road to responsible growth series, we present a framework for change, one that successful asset and wealth management providers should consider adopting. 

The report draws on the industry insights of our consulting and deals strategy teams. And it outlines three levers of growth that will galvanise both organic growth and business reinvention. 

Looking to create a business with purpose – encompassing environmental, social and governance imperatives – the report offers a range of tangible suggestions of what a responsible organisation should do next. 

To find out more download our report below. 

"Asset managers need to develop sophisticated selection processes to reduce instances of ‘greenwashing’.”

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