ESG and aerospace and defence

The importance of social value

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As Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) becomes increasingly prominent, organisations involved in the aerospace and defence industry must address the challenges and identify growth opportunities. 

There are many drivers of the ESG agenda for aerospace and defence companies, depending on where they sit in the value chain and whether they are public or private organisations. Regardless, those that lead on ESG are most likely to find competitive advantage and create better value for stakeholders.

But the aerospace and defence sector is a highly complex system with organisations spread across the public and private sectors. While the industry faces challenges across the range of ESG considerations, three areas present the most difficulty: Net Zero, diversity, and supply chains. 

Our latest report offers a framework on how the sector can consider and introduce practical initiatives that address ESG ambitions, identify growth opportunities and meet stakeholder needs while also creating value.

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Jan Wille

Jan Wille

EMEA Aerospace & Defence Leader, Strategy& Germany

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