Organization strategy and transformation

Designing organisational solutions that deliver in an unknown future

Embracing change, empowering people

The combination of shifting demographics and new technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and increased connectivity are creating exciting strategic organisational opportunities across industries: remote, agile, and flexible teams. Engaging and purposeful environments. But at the same time, an aging workforce and cultural inertia raise challenges.  

At Strategy&, we work at the forefront of change management, collaborating with you to harness the power of digitization — pulling tried and true cultural and teaming levels, all while minimising risks. We advise clients on how to build purpose-driven companies that people want to be a part of building. If an organisation isn’t meeting its employees’ or stakeholders’ expectations, the cause may be a misaligned strategy across a company's many complex, interacting organisational parts. Our experts can help you assess and redefine your strategic goals, then identify and implement the change needed to create a fit-for-purpose business. This is strategy, made real.


Post-merger business model revamp

After acquiring multiple small companies, a ~$2 billion conglomerate on the verge of bankruptcy needed help with strategic integration, plant rationalisation, and best practice transfer. Strategy& supported a 90-day strategic review and recommended consolidation, restructuring, and new operating models. We helped stabilise the company around better management and decision-making processes, more structured pricing strategy, and operational efficiencies. The programme’s EBITDA capture comprised almost 100% of year-to-date profit in the first six months after implementation. Moreover, additional sales force effectiveness tools and customer servicing capabilities were embedded to support the client’s value propositions and position the client for long-term growth.

Transforming CPG company results in dramatic cost savings

A European CPG company was experiencing significant challenges rooted in organisational complexity: limited returns on innovation investments, a lack of speed to market, and an inability to connect with end customers. Strategy& supported an ambitious programme to deliver more than a billion dollars in structural savings. We streamlined organisational processes across IT, finance, HR, marketing, and supply channels; built cost management capabilities; installed a productivity and cost-consciousness mindset; simplified the matrix structure; and designed operating model enforcing capabilities and strategy — together resulting in dramatic cost savings and growth drivers.

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Mahadeva Matt Mani

Mahadeva Matt Mani

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