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In the face of new challenges — like automation, an aging workforce, spending cuts, globalisation, and digitisation — public sector organisations must refocus on what they do and how they do it to maximise their impact on citizens and communities across the globe. We help leaders at the most successful organisations ensure that they are invested in the right capabilities, are sustainably funded, and have the means to deliver on their purpose. This is strategy, made real.

How we help clients

Education, health and social service

Dreaming big is important — as long as those dreams are pulled down to earth. We embed our strategy capabilities with your teams to transform perspective into pragmatism and ambition into action. The result? Strategy that works for government agencies, NGOs, and citizens around the world for years to come, supporting the complex needs of children, students, victims, immigrants, the unemployed, veterans, the disabled, the elderly, and all their caregivers.

Environment, energy and resource policy

We help clients develop initiatives that aim to enhance energy savings, promote the more rational use of energy, and increase the share of renewable energy in overall energy supply. And we ensure that effective climate protection policies do not have a negative impact on your competitive advantage.

Customs, immigration and border control

At Strategy&, our experts advise clients on strategies in administrations, reform, risk management, intelligence, border management, enforcement, investigation, technology, and operations. We leverage our expertise in trade facilitation, cargo tracking and monitoring, risk assessment, ICT transformation, and trade data integration to bring an additional level of rigour to our analyses. Our field-leading specialist capabilities in modelling; simulation and wargaming; enterprise resilience; business continuity planning; and operational, fraud, and security risk further enhance our ability to support the strategic agenda of immigration, customs, and border security administrators.

Defence, national security and law enforcement

We have a long history of success in partnering with global governments on defence and national security. Our domain experts work in land, air, sea, special forces, and intelligence domains, harnessing a deep understanding of both intelligence collection and assessment disciplines. We can help you combat crises with strategic solutions, applying the lessons learned from our engagement with the commercial world to deliver global solutions to critical defence challenges.

Transport and infrastructure policy

As you navigate the complexities of transporting goods by land, sea, or air, we deliver results to redefine your future. Our integrative approach combines extensive firsthand knowledge of the markets, technologies, and best practices, to map out a comprehensive strategy that streamlines all modes of transportation. When we unlock the right strategy for your organisation, we’ve tapped into a depth of differentiation that no one else in the world can own like you.


Developing a regional data harmonisation strategy in Europe

The UN Economic Commission for Europe initiated work in Southeast Europe to build single-window facilities for import and export clearance, which required harmonisation of trade data requirements in the region to ensure building-interoperable systems. Strategy& gathered and developed an understanding of the respective data requirements in participating countries and identified relevant international standards and best practices for data standardisation. We coordinated with officials and representatives of customs administrations, other agencies, and ministries involved in international trade, as well as representatives from the private sector. After performing the necessary data analysis, we developed a regional trade data harmonisation strategy and detailed technical guidelines associated with this strategy—all of which were adopted. Strategy& also held several workshops for participating countries, enabling them to continue the harmonisation effort.

Identifying how to reduce CO2 emissions in the U.K

Strategy& was engaged to identify opportunities that could effectively encourage the development and uptake of low-carbon processes in high-impact industries in the U.K. After identifying a number of sectors with high CO2 emissions levels, we assessed the reduction potential of their production processes and the feasibility of interventions. As a result of our work, we identified CO2  reductions totaling 3 million tons and developed an intervention strategy to achieve these reductions. Intervention plays were prioritised on the basis of CO2  reduction potential, feasibility, and resource requirements.

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