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The Strategy& Insider Podcast aims to explore some of the most critical future trends and their impacts. Strategy& talks to industry experts and leading practitioners from different sectors. The conversations will make you more familiar with key developments by providing you with insights that really matter.

The first season will tackle some of the most fundamental questions in the healthcare industry.
While technology has quickly transformed how we shop, bank, and travel, it yet has to impact on how we receive healthcare. The adoption of digitally enabled tools for diagnostics, treatment, and management, for example, has been rather modest - especially compared to what is already possible. With the help of digital applications, healthcare will become more and more personalized and seamlessly integrated into everyday life. For biopharma, the future of healthcare poses both opportunities and challenges, particularly with big technology companies being at the forefront of the disruption.

Based on findings of the “Future of Health” study, Strategy& partner Thomas Solbach invited healthcare industry experts including pharma executives, leading academics and medical practitioners to discuss how the healthcare industry is expected to change.

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Episode 21

Sarah Lidé is the Deputy CEO of Medicon Village Innovation, which is the largest science park in Scandinavia focused on life science, based in Lund. Working at the intersection of academia, corporate players and healthcare providers, she is an expert in aligning stakeholders from biotech, pharma, research, healthcare providers and start-ups to facilitate world-class research innovation and thereby giving people a healthier and better life. Tune in to a truly insightful conversation about partnership, collaboration and research innovation.

Episode 20

By developing 2D and 3D printers as well as the software and the active pharmaceutical ingredients, Prof. Dr. Christian Franken – co-founder and managing shareholder of DiHeSys Digital Health Systems GmbH – pursues the vision to allow every patient access to personalized medicines and make drug therapy less complex. Dive into the added values and the challenges that come with it, and how to foster a positive attitude towards digitization in healthcare.

Episode 19

It is a well-known fact that the potential of data in healthcare is huge. While some see data protection as a barrier, Elena Bonfiglioli – General Manager of Microsoft Healthcare – advocates that data privacy is in fact a key enabler for cutting-edge innovation and that privacy-enhancing solutions are crucial to reap the full power of the cloud. Tune in to our latest episode to learn how data can make pharma and healthcare more efficient and how AI can help extend our capabilities.

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