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We support brands and consumer goods companies to develop a customer-driven mindset and optimize sales and communication channels as well as go-to-market models for a successful customer strategy

Developing a customer-driven mindset for success

Today’s consumers expect a personalized and seamless customer experience across all channels. Brands and retailers therefore need to promote the right products at the right time on the right channels – taking into account an increasing number of touchpoints. As a result, both costs and complexity can increase, without revenue necessarily following suit. In order to use their channels as efficiently as possible, data is becoming enormously important for brands and retailers. However, they often lack the capabilities to analyze it, making it difficult to actually monetize it with data-driven business models. Apart from that, complex supply chain systems and increased raw materials prices have a negative impact on profitability.

In order to grow sustainably under these conditions, companies must pay more attention to the needs of their customers, intensify customer loyalty, and at the same time reduce unnecessary costs. The basic prerequisite for this is an authentic and, if possible, personalized multi-channel strategy that creates positive customer experiences and builds long-term brand loyalty. Expertise in dealing with customer data and a deep understanding of how this can contribute to one's own growth are crucial for a successful customer strategy today.

We support our clients in developing a holistic customer strategy and help them succeed with strategic marketing and sales consulting. To do this, we start with the business model and channel strategy, analyze the portfolio, and refine go-to-market models. We also help clients with the transformation to a customer-centric organization and, with our proprietary Fit for Growth* approach, enable companies to optimize their cost structure in a targeted manner and grow despite cost reductions.

*Fit for Growth is a registered service mark of PwC Strategy& LLC in the United States.


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Customer centricity
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  • Data-driven business transformation
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  • Store concept and merchant strategy
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