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Delivering impactful solutions for measurable results in top- and bottom-line growth

Fit for Growth

Resetting your business for outperformance irrespective of the starting point

Executives are confronted with an accelerated pace of change triggering structural and fundamental challenges such as eroding margins, stagnant productivity, and talent shortages - but also opportunities to leapfrog growth and value cycles.

Many companies respond with traditional cost-cutting measures. However, these approaches often lead to a never-ending spending and cutting cycle without addressing underlying issues. To achieve measurable and sustainable growth, a strategic and operative re-set is necessary, including zero-basing or reinventing operating models and investing in differentiating capabilities.


of global CEOs believe their company will not be viable in 10 years if it stays on its current path

Enabling your team for outperformance as the new normal

At Strategy&, our experienced turnaround and restructuring strategists support you with performance improvements, corporate restructuring programs, and business turnarounds. Leveraging their extensive expertise across various industries and functions, they implement precise interventions to align business models, portfolios, footprints, and value chains. Our goal is to provide reliable impact and help you achieve measurable results rapidly, efficiently, and collaboratively.

Measurable results in time and quality

No matter where you are on the path to outperformance as the new normal, you are in search of a trusted partner who can solve complex challenges, deliver reliable impact and measurable results from strategy to execution. Our turnaround and restructuring consulting offering helps you effectively navigate these challenges.

  • StartStart

    If you are not performing within your top 20%, that is your call to action. Avoid waiting until your strategic options are limited, or other stakeholders have to take control.

  • AssessAssess

    Maintain a vigilant mindset and build your future based on a comprehensive zero-based assessment.

  • FocusFocus

    Prevent excessive efforts and avoid allocating unnecessary resources.

  • EnableEnable

    Support your organization during turnaround phases and train team members who have the potential to improve performance.

  • TransformTransform

    Consider transactions as an integral part of your transformation or restructuring strategy.

  • ImpactImpact

    Ensure relevant impact by mitigating implementation risks and minimizing transformation costs.

  • RestartRestart

    Start growth imperatives before your team becomes exhausted from cost-cutting initiatives.

  • RepeatRepeat

    Maintain the strength of your trained transformation muscles, even during more favorable market cycles.

Our expertise

Our Fit for Growth (FFG) method helps companies grow and improve performance in their daily operations and complex situations. We quantify unique levers to reinvent your business model, achieve turnarounds, and deliver reliable impact.

Our services range from cost reduction to growth strategies, propelling you from crisis to growth mode. With our effective corporate restructuring strategies, we help you achieve outperformance and secure unique market positions, regardless of market cycles.


Rapid diagnostics
Immediate recovery
Value-based turnarounds
Operating model design
Change management

Our distinct Fit for Growth approach provides a data-driven 360° review of your strategy, uncovering causes of underperformance in your operating model. Within weeks, we identify value drivers to enhance performance, providing unbiased benchmarking and customized measures for a sustainable transformation path.

Our teams quickly help you leverage key capabilities as growth pillars. By identifying trigger points for value creation – from changed shareholder expectations, portfolio adjustments, transformative post-merger integration projects, price repositioning, or the need to rejuvenate maturing and disrupted value chains – we design a winning mix of strategic and operative levers for success.

With a neutral standpoint, we evaluate costs based on organizational strategy. Legacy costs are eliminated, rationalized, and the remaining budget is strategically allocated to areas of competitive advantage. This approach provides strategic flexibility and measurable outcomes displayed in the P&L.

We identify relevant value levers in your operating model that need to be pulled to drive better performance. Our interdisciplinary teams, which include experts across the PwC network, are skilled at quickly moving from strategy to execution, ensuring successful corporate restructuring outcomes.

We put people at the core of the transformation process and work with leaders to identify the key behaviors essential for shaping the future. Leveraging our global network, we deliver innovative solutions through specialized teams focused on turnaround and restructuring consulting.

The Fit for Growth mini book

Learn more about our strategic approach to business transformation in this brief summary of the entire book.

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The Fit for Growth mini book

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