Prof. Dr. Gülbahar Tezel

Prof. Dr. Gülbahar Tezel

Partner, Strategy& Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Gülbahar Tezel leads the Economics practice at Strategy& and is based in Amsterdam. She is an advisor to firms and government agencies in various fields of economics, including:

  • Competition economics (mergers, cartels, abuse of dominance)
  • Regulatory economics (price regulation, access regulation)
  • Policy economics (policy design, market design)
  • (Social) cost benefit analysis & impact analysis

Gülbahar joined the firm in 2008 and has over 20 years of experience working as an economist. She is also a Professor of Practice in Economics at Tilburg University.  

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  • Public and private sector


  • Policy
  • Competition, Regulation, Energy transition


  • PhD Erasmus University Rotterdam, MPhil Erasmus University Rotterdam, MSc Middle East Technical University