Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Learning and development

What kind of learning and development opportunities does Strategy& offer?
A career at Strategy& enables you to develop yourself at a rapid pace. We therefore offer different types of learning opportunities, both formal and informal. For example, our consultants regularly go on multiple-day training courses together with Strategy& colleagues from across Europe. During these sessions you develop both your hard (e.g. Excel modelling) as well as your soft (e.g. leadership) skills. In addition, we highly value on-the-job coaching. You have frequent feedback sessions with your team members and, once a year, a full 360-degree assessment. Along the way, you are guided by a junior and senior mentor who help you steer your consulting career in the right direction outside of your day-to-day project teams.

Do you sponsor MBAs?
Yes! After you have worked at Strategy& for a certain period of time, you can apply for full MBA sponsorship to a global top 10 MBA program. We work together with popular MBA programs across EMEA, APAC, and North America.

What if I want to take a sabbatical at some point?
No problem. Strategy& has a number of flexible working arrangements including sabbaticals and leaves of absence to pursue personal goals outside of work. We also have flexible programs that help parents and caregivers, and anyone else to find the balance they need to succeed both personally and professionally.

I want to gain experience, but I don’t see myself spending my whole life in consulting. Is Strategy& right for me?
Strategy& is a great place to build the skills and experience you need to succeed, whatever you decide to do in future – and it is sometimes hard to know at the beginning of your career exactly what opportunities will come along further down the line. What is clear is that you will have some outstanding options to choose from. Some decide to stay in consulting and become partners, others leave for leadership roles in industry, others become successful entrepreneurs. The possibilities are endless.

How quickly can I make it to partner?
You can achieve very rapid career progression at Strategy&. Typically, you’ll spend between two and three years at each level (Associate, Senior Associate, Manager, and Director) as you progress towards Partner. Depending on your personal performance you could be celebrating your election to the partnership in less than a decade after you join the firm. Some high performers do it even faster but remember to enjoy the journey!

Projects and industries

What kind of projects will I be working on?
There is a huge variety of different projects – in terms of the problems we solve for our clients, the sectors we operate in, and the regions we work across. It is hard to talk about a “typical project”. You will work on different engagements, exploring a range of business challenges, throughout your time at Strategy&– typically four to six per year. The initial focus is on building your core consulting skills – and then at a later stage gaining industry and sector expertise. Every project will add to your knowledge in a different way and accelerate your development.

Which industries will I typically work in if I join the Strategy& Amsterdam office?
Strategy& Europe, and specifically the Amsterdam office, has a strong presence in all sectors. Some Strategy& offices focus on specific industries depending on local conditions. In the Netherlands, our consultants work across a broad portfolio of sectors. Most of our work is centered around the energy transition, healthcare, public sector, retail & consumer goods, financial services, telecom, ESG and deals.

When can I specialize in a specific industry?
This highly depends on your own interests. The firm encourages you to work across different industries and with different teams when you start at Strategy&. This enables you to learn and develop your problem-solving skills rapidly across a large variety of settings. Our consultants typically specialize once they become Senior Associate or Manager. Depending on their preferences and passions, some remain a generalist for longer while others specialize early in their career.

Will I work directly with PwC colleagues on certain projects?
We work together with our PwC colleagues on projects where we can enable our distinct synergies. The extent to which we work directly together with our PwC colleagues depends on the assignment. We work together as one joint team when PwC, for example, can add specific functional expertise. However, on other projects we might work on a more sequential basis (e.g. we define the strategic direction and then hand over the implementation to our PwC colleagues).

Is there also a chance to work on pro-bono projects?
Definitely! We have worked on several pro-bono projects in the past which we are very proud of and keep working on new collaborations. One example is the project we have done with Rebottled, a Dutch company that transforms empty wine bottles into drinking glasses. Strategy& helped create a strategic plan with a timeline focused on both drinking glasses now and new products later, how best to market the glasses and which customer segments to approach. Next to pro-bono projects you also have the possibility to work on CSR related subjects, whether it is in the Netherlands or abroad.

International opportunities

Where does Strategy& have a presence?
Strategy& currently has 75 offices across most countries and regions around the globe, and we are opening more all the time. Check out the most up to date list at

What kind of international project opportunities does Strategy& offer?
We are a global firm that cooperates on an international level for high profile clients. Therefore, we continuously work together with our colleagues from offices all over the world. For example, if you are on a project with an international Strategy& team, you may work from offices in other countries. In addition, if the client is located abroad, important meetings or workshops are frequently held in their office.

Do you staff colleagues internationally?
We are continuously working with our global network on international projects. We staff our colleagues locally, but our partners take on many international projects where you can be a part of and work together with Strategy& colleagues from all over the world. The scope of international projects depends on the practice you are active in and the clients.

Diversity and inclusion

Is Diversity and Inclusion important at Strategy& Amsterdam?
Yes, definitely! When people from different backgrounds and with different points of view work together, we create the most value for our clients, our people and society. We therefore aim to recruit talent from all ethnicities, cultural and religious backgrounds, age groups, gender identities, sexual orientations, disabilities and experiences. From our team of 100+ consultants we have around 18 different nationalities in our Amsterdam office which we are very proud of.

What kind of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives does Strategy& Amsterdam have?
There are a number of D&I initiatives currently in our Amsterdam office, and more initiatives are being launched on a continuous basis. For example, we organize D&I workshops (e.g. ‘how to speak in an inclusive manner’), support the UN women’s ‘He For She’ initiative and have internal Strategy& networks (e.g. for women or diversity and inclusion). There are also various (PwC) networks you can be a part of including Connected Cultures (cultural diversity), Ability (work related challenges) and Shine (LGBTIQ+ and Allies).

Application process

What kind of candidates are you looking for?
There is no one standard profile at Strategy& and we recruit from a wide range of backgrounds. If you are currently a student, we are looking for candidates with exceptional academic records from leading undergraduate institutions, business schools, PhD programs, or other degree programs. If you are looking to join us as an experienced hire, we are looking for evidence of an exceptional professional record. Beyond that, candidates join us from a wide range of industry sectors and educational backgrounds.

Can I apply if I already have work experience?
Yes! Strategy& recruits people both with and without prior work experience. This varies from hiring people straight after graduation to people who recently finished their MBA, PhD or gained relevant industry work experience. The degree of prior work experience affects the applicants’ entry level (e.g. starting as an Associate vs. Senior Associate) when joining the firm. We always want to ensure a realistic growth path and success for our candidates.

What if I'm not sure yet if strategy consulting or Strategy& is the right choice for me?
You are always welcome to make an appointment with one of our consultants for a coffee at our office. This way, you can experience our office culture while having all your burning questions answered. Contact our recruitment team for the possibilities. In addition, we organize events year-round where you can get to know us and step into the shoes of a consultant for one day. Visit this page to see an overview of our upcoming events.

How do I apply?
Via this link! Read all the details regarding vacancies and the recruitment process here and submit your complete application. If successful, you will be contacted to begin the interview process.

Amsterdam Recruiting Team

Thank you for your interest in Strategy&. The Amsterdam Recruiting Team looks after all recruiting activities for our Amsterdam office. We are here to help you with any questions you may have about the firm, our activities on campus and the application process. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance.

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