eReadiness Study 2023

Customer needs and recommended actions for OEMs


Key insights from the consumer research sample

  • Consumers show a strong interest in e-mobility, with 30% of those surveyed disclosing an intention to buy an EV in the next two years
  • EV owners are mainly high-income, middle-aged males living in city centers with access to private parking spaces
  • EV prospects have ~20% less income than EV owners
  • Of the six personas identified, Tech Enthusiasts, Dreamers and Pragmatic are the three determined to have the greatest intention of buying an EV and represent 70% of the demand in the next two years, suggesting that the EV market is shifting towards a mass market
  • Sceptics (31% of the respondents) are predominantly women with a lower available income and older than EV prospects
  • Online vehicle sales represent 20% of EV sales, mainly for premium vehicles, with 65% of consumers considering purchasing their next vehicle online
  • Used EV interest is significant, with 60% of EV owners declaring an interest in purchasing a used car due to the lower costs and immediate availability. However, uncertainty surrounding battery state of health (SoH) remains a key barrier

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eReadiness Index

In Europe, Norway, Switzerland and Germany are the most e-ready countries, driven by a mature charging infrastructure and a high consumer demand

Italy and Spain lag behind despite generous government incentives

In APAC, Hong Kong, China and Singapore are the most e-ready countries with high customer demand and, especially in Hong Kong and China, a well established charging infrastructure

Australia appears to be the least eReady country across the entire panel

Recommendations for OEMs

  • 1
    Financial offers: Design flexible financial offers providing customers a with a peace-of-mind solution, minimizing upfront costs and fostering their loyalty and incentivize their switch to EV
  • 2
    Pre-owned EV business: Review the used EV business proposition with dedicated pre-owned programs to help dealerships manage the EV 2nd hand trade in a more effective and profitable way
  • 3
    Holistic support: Design and deploy EV-specific experiences to ease the onboarding of less tech-savvy customers, favoring long test drives and ensuring end-to-end support and orchestration of home charging installations
  • 4
    Extended value proposition: Partner with providers offering EV-related product and services to address customer demand

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