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Customers expect to go places and receive things faster than ever before, posing real challenges for companies in the world of transport. Automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, and other emerging technologies are changing the flow of people, goods, and services across aviation, rail transport, shipping and logistics, travel and tourism, and more.

Transportation system owners, operators, and suppliers worldwide are striving to keep up with the demands of an expanding global economy, urbanisation, an increasingly digital consumer, and an ever more mobile population.

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Clients in both the private and public sectors are looking for new strategies and technologies that will help them better serve customers through improvements in safety, travel quality, capacity, and security. Revenue growth, cost efficiency, and operational efficiency must be balanced with competing priorities for limited funds.

PwC’s strategy consulting team Strategy& professionals understand the complex environment and market dynamics in which companies and agencies operate. New technologies and exacting customer expectations are raising the bar for operators, who also need to look at how to address commercial and organisational issues such as fare structures, recruitment, branding, and communication.

Since our first rail assignment in 1914, Strategy& has proven to be a leading partner for companies in the transportation sector. We know strategy must be executable - defined by clear choices and a strong vision for the future - all from step one.

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