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We support our clients with strategic vision and practical experience on their journey to a decarbonized, digitized, and decentralized energy and utilities industry

Shaping the future with renewable energies

Decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization will shape the energy industry in the coming years. Climate change is largely driving this transformation, impacting regulatory frameworks, business models, and investment decisions alike. In addition to that, the energy transition is stress testing the power grid, along with the infrastructures of the green energy sector. New players are entering the energy market along the entire value chain, offering advanced solutions such as decentralized energy production and electricity storage systems. Technological innovations including hydrogen, wind power, and geothermal energy are also gaining traction.

These developments are putting the energy industry under enormous pressure. While traditional business models, from power generation to sales, are being pushed to their limits, a whole host of opportunities for innovative products and services are emerging. To identify the right market gaps for their own organizations, companies in the energy and utilities sector need to rethink their growth strategies, evaluate new technologies, and outline and deploy integrated ESG strategies.

Our skilled, highly specialized energy industry consultants support you from strategy to execution, to take advantage of the energy transition. We optimize target operating models, provide advice during due diligence reviews, prepare M&A strategies, and develop ESG and growth strategies.

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