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We support our clients in the food and beverage industry and the lifestyle sector to reposition themselves with intelligent value creation strategies

Putting consumer requirements first and optimizing value chains

Major trends such as digitization, the growing importance of sustainability criteria, and geopolitical tensions are impacting companies in the food and beverage industry and the lifestyle sector from two directions simultaneously. On the one hand, consumer expectations are more diverse than ever: They include a personalized and seamless shopping experience, continuous new products, sustainable and socially fair production – and all of this at the lowest possible price. On the other hand there are impacts on internal processes: Value chains and profit pools are disrupted, digitization is changing business models, and geopolitical tensions cause supply chain bottlenecks and price jumps.

In view of this volatile environment, lasting success in the retail and consumer goods industry depends on more than merely reacting to developments, but rather actively shaping them. For example, those who drive ESG forward independently of regulatory requirements will differentiate themselves from the competition in the long term. Those who analyze and leverage their data wisely and integrate their value chain end-to-end will strengthen their own resilience and thus their market position. Retail and consumer goods companies that also modernize their business model, exploit automation opportunities, center their own product portfolio on their customers, and market it across all channels in a way that is tailored to their target groups will continue to have the best growth prospects in the future.

Our experts accompany clients in the food and beverage industry and the lifestyle sector on this journey. We know the retail and consumer goods industry across the entire value chain and support companies from the development of sustainable growth or ESG strategies to the end-to-end integration of their supply chains and the modernization of their IT. At the same time, with specially developed methods such as our Fit for Growth approach, we show ways in which growth is also possible in transformation processes.

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