Imprint pursuant to Section 5 Telemediengesetz (German Telemedia Act) and translation of the Company Information according to Sections 2 and 3 Dienstleistungs-Informationspflichten-Verordnung (German By-Law on Information Duties with respect to Services - DL-InfoV) and Section 18 Abs. 2 Medienstaatsvertrag (MStV).

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PwC Strategyand (Switzerland) GmbH
Birchstrasse 160
8050 Zürich
Tel.: +41-58-792 3100
Fax: +41-58-792 4410

Managing Director: Andreas Späne

Journalistically and editorially responsible person in the meaning of § 18 Abs. 2 MStV:
Andreas Späne
PwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbH
Hofgarten Palais / Goltsteinstraße 14
40211 Düsseldorf

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