Our consulting approach

With our service offering, we help our clients turn their core capabilities into unique selling propositions

Competitive and resilient with strong core capabilities

Organizations should focus on a few differentiating core capabilities and build on them to gain a distinct competitive advantage and weather crises well. We support our clients on this path to success. Our service offering is based on two consulting approaches across industries.

Capabilities-Driven Strategy + Growth

With our Capabilities-Driven Strategy + Growth consulting approach, we identify and strengthen our clients' core capabilities and thereby enable them to leverage their competitive advantage even more efficiently.

Fit for Growth

With our Fit for Growth consulting approach, we unlock our clients’ potential. We analyze where investments are worthwhile for companies – and where they generate unnecessary costs. Drawing on this analysis, our clients can manage their cost structure more strategically and achieve sustained growth.


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Our industry consultants combine strategic foresight, deep industry expertise, and practical strategic experience.

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Functional teams

Our functional teams strengthen our clients’ core capabilities to seize competitive advantage.

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