Future of Work at Strategy&

How we collaborate with our clients in the new normal

Changing demographics and economic conditions, the digital transformation, and the Covid-19 pandemic have shifted our clients’ and our people’s demands to an extent that requires a redesigned consulting delivery model. With the aim of putting people – our clients, our teams and individuals – and their needs first, we have developed a customized delivery model that provides maximum flexibility for everyone.

In the past, we usually spent four days of the week at the client and one day in our corporate offices. In the new normal, we no longer rely on a fixed working model for close collaboration. We rather focus on our clients’ needs and agree on the ideal working model together at the beginning of each project.

There are three guiding principles that we have agreed on as a firm:

Identifying the most effective (new) ways of working to support our client best.

Creating an environment for developing our people and effective interpersonal collaboration.

Considering individual needs and enabling diversity and inclusion.

This typically results in a healthy mix of on-site work with our clients, co-location in our offices, and individual working locations where all stakeholders benefit from more flexibility and more sustainable collaboration in global and diverse teams. In the end, each client engagement is unique and tailored according to a client’s situation, project phase, type of project, and the individual preferences of our consultants.

This work model will certainly evolve and needs to be further adapted over the coming months and years. Nevertheless, we are committed to building professional environment in the consulting industry where everyone involved can benefit from. As a starting point, we are proud of the first successful examples of application and invite you to have a look at how this new model works in practice.

How we collaborate with our clients in the new normal

If we want to attract and retain talent, we have to change as an employer and reinvigorate our firm’s purpose in a hybrid working world. In this video, our people partner Dr. Hans-Jörg Kutschera shares how we are dealing with the changing demands of our clients and teams in terms of flexibility, and how this has impacted our standard delivery model.

Elise Okon

Despite working on a remote project, our Associate Elise still had the opportunity to get to know and meet other colleagues while co-locating in different European Strategy& offices.

Philipp Strobl

Philipp is a Director in our Stuttgart office and appreciates the increased flexibility in his daily consultant business that allows him to do sports in his local community or meet friends during the week.

Maximilian Werkhausen

While working on a hybrid project, our Senior Associate Max especially enjoyed that he was able to support his client efficiently on a need-basis while having the opportunity to drive our firm’s culture and engaging with his colleagues on a regular basis.

Dr. Jana Döpke

At her current project, our Director Jana works in the best set-up she could have imagined. Watch her video to find out how this led to no more red-eye flights while making her client’s sustainability office happy.