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Operations strategy

Helping clients realize outstanding operational processes.

Digital technologies and the aspiration for more flexible supply chains in Industry 4.0 present growth-oriented companies with complex challenges. Operational processes play a key role in this and are a critical success factor in achieving strategic competitive advantage.

As part of the global PwC Operations Team, we help our clients in closing the gap between strategy and realization. Our experts have the necessary industrial, functional and technological know-how to support our clients in achieving operational excellence across the full value-added chain. Whether the challenge is boosting growth, strategic cost reductions, improved operational flexibility or higher capital efficiency – we provide support in building up the necessary operations-side solutions for sustainable, long-term growth.

How we help clients

Operations resilience

Rising cost pressures. Protectionism. Disruptions. Sustainability considerations. All of these factors were affecting supply chains even before the global pandemic. But now, as the world changes at an unprecedented speed and on an unforeseen scale, more business leaders than ever are realizing the need to reimagine the way they’re operating.

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Innovation and development

We support our clients in defining and implementing their strategic innovation roadmaps for products, services and overarching business models as well as in increasing efficiency along the whole development process. Our services include:

  • Innovation and development strategy
  • R&D operating model and footprint
  • Product portfolio transformation
  • R&D efficiency and benchmarking
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Product value management and design-to-cost
  • Product lifecycle management

Procurement and sourcing

We support our clients in their strategic procurement transformation, including the strategic alignment and development of their capabilities. It is our goal to position procurement as the enabler for sustainable value creation. Our services include:

  • Procurement transformation incl. operating model design, cost reduction and capability development
  • Procurement strategy
  • M&A value creation
  • Sustainability in procurement
  • Project/CAPEX procurement
  • Category management and strategy
  • End-to-end supplier and value chain management
  • Agile working methods in procurement

Supply Chain Management

We support our clients in developing end-to-end supply chains that are tailored to their market needs, leveraging the latest digital technologies to achieve a competitive advantage in terms of service level, cost efficiency and flexibility. Our services include:

  • End-to-end dynamic supply chain strategy
  • Supply chain operating model design
  • Digital supply chain design and analytics
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Integrated planning and execution
  • Supply chain network redesign incl. logistics, transportation, distribution, reverse (post-sales) logistics
  • Inventory and working capital optimization


We support our clients in defining their production strategy in line with their overarching corporate strategy while focusing on their core competencies and capabilities in order to achieve a competitive market advantage. We also support them in developing and implementing strategic programs in order to achieve company-wide operational excellence. Our services include:

  • Manufacturing strategy and footprint
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Site turnaround, taskforces and profitability improvement
  • Production systems and assessments
  • Lean transformation, incl. digital lean and lean administration
  • Smart manufacturing and processes
  • Intelligent maintenance systems

Management Engineers

Management Engineers has been a part of Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) since 2013. Within Strategy&, Management Engineers maintains its identity as an internal network of experts with the following outstanding skills:

  • In-depth, specialist know-how in all functions and sectors of the manufacturing trades, such as Automotive, Auto Suppliers, Mechanical Engineering, etc.
  • A focus on implementation consulting and expertise in operations issues (e.g., product cost optimization over the full product lifecycle)
  • An educational background in engineering and extensive industry experience, combined with business management know-how
  • Part of our global team of practically-focused strategic experts

Contact us

Harald Dutzler

Harald Dutzler

Partner, Strategy& Austria