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Navigating digital transformation with the right technology strategy

Technological innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing or blockchains are transforming processes, organizations, business models, and entire markets. This is giving rise to digital ecosystems that are driven by data and function in a hyper-automated way. Artificial intelligence is evolving across industries and becoming a leading technology that not only accelerates processes, but fundamentally changes them. The cloud continues to grow far beyond its original function as an outsourced data center, and is now serving as a hub where all of a company’s decisions, data, and technology converge.

Digital transformation requires companies across all industries to rethink and reconfigure their entire value chain. In order to grow in the future, it is essential to question and redefine your own technology and data strategy. Those who want to tap the potential of digitization for themselves must make targeted and continuous investments in technologies such as AI, place the cloud at the center of their digital strategy, and take cybersecurity and data protection seriously. For all of this to succeed, you need an open-minded corporate culture that promotes and supports change.

To see this change not only as a challenge, but as an opportunity, you need a strong partner who combines industry expertise with technological excellence. We help you to stay ahead of the competition and to actively shape the transformation by providing tailored solutions and practical strategies. In doing so, we always keep our clients’ individual corporate culture in mind. We optimize digital business models, support IT transformations, and select and plan the implementation of new technologies. We develop IT, data, AI, cybersecurity, and cloud technology strategies and manage their company-wide implementation.

Our expertise

Digital transformation
AI- and data strategy
Cloud- and cyber security strategy
  • Digital business innovation and transformation
  • Business-led IT transformation
  • IT strategy and IT function transformation
  • Business process and technology architecture reconfiguration for connected platform ecosystems
  • IT operating model optimization
  • Restructuring, cost reduction, and IT efficiency strategies
  • Data and AI strategy
  • Data- and AI-driven business transformation
  • Data management, data governance, data architecture, data ecosystem and AI platform strategies
  • Selection, design, and pilot testing of innovative AI and data use cases
  • Cultural change strategies for data-driven organizations
  • Cloud strategy and transformation planning
  • Cloud products and services identification
  • Cyber resilience and risk strategy assessment
  • Cybersecurity strategy
  • Digital platform and multi-cloud strategies

Client results

A retailer hired us for the end-to-end transformation of its technology and business organization to optimize all stages of its value chain in a data-driven and customer-centric way. Together with the client, we designed a holistic strategy and transformation program that included the management of multiple systems integrators. To develop the new processes and data-driven business model, we relied on the SAP S/4HANA ERP software solution in the core area. As a result, the retailer was able to optimize all its key business processes, including purchasing, marketing, and logistics, and revamp its market differentiation strategy.

A pharmaceutical and chemical company needed support in developing a group-wide data strategy to optimize internal processes and make its business model fit for the future. Using an assessment of the company's capabilities, we developed a clear vision and defined specific goals for areas such as organization and culture, processes, data management and technology.  Once we had prepared the implementation, the client was able to successfully execute the data strategy throughout the group.

In order to make efficient use of data for its business, a retailer engaged our team to develop a data strategy and implement the related operating model. To make this possible, we developed the vision and mission for the project, defined and implemented the role of a Chief Data Officer, established reporting structures, and set up core processes to ensure data quality. In addition, we standardized the data organization across all sites and business units according to a centralized "hub-and-spoke" system. With the help of these measures, the retailer was able to implement the new data strategy in a structured manner and increase its operating efficiency.

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