The new health industry ecosystem

What’s your “way to play”?


We are at a genuine tipping point. The health industry is for a variety of reasons ready to change. In Canada and in many other developed countries around the world, we’re just not getting enough out of health care dollars. In fact, Canada spends more on health care than the majority of its peer countries that are members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

We must now think differently about participation in health. And it’s important to establish a dialogue about the role of public- and private-sector innovation, service provision and overall approach to investment. This discussion doesn’t need to rest solely on policy and funding reform. It can begin by recognizing the capabilities, assets and opportunities to help shape and influence the emerging health ecosystem. Incremental change and disruptive change have a significant role to play.

Organizations wanting to succeed in this new reality must learn to adopt broader perspectives and hold themselves accountable to truly “pushing forward” in a more challenging and uncertain world. Those that can adjust and position themselves to take advantage of this ecosystem will have a better chance of “winning” in health and charting a successful path forward.

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Kai Lakhdar

Kai Lakhdar

Partner and National Private Equity and Pension Fund Consulting Leader, PwC Canada, Strategy& Canada

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