Highbury Grove and The Access Project

Since 2010, we have created a multi-layered relationship with an inner city London secondary school, Highbury Grove. We are excited by our initiative and proud of the school (which was recently rated “excellent” by Ofstead). Our work has included:

  • Mentoring students in our office as part of The Access Project. In the three years that we have been involved, Highbury Grove has quadrupled the number of successful applicants to Russel Group Universities
  • Organised trips to a variety of universities guided by consultant alumni
  • Creating an interactive business case seminar, which had a football theme and was held at Arsenal Emirates Stadium
  • Providing interview practice, personal statement support and work experience
  • Holding a CEO role-playing session at our offices
  • Establishing the school as a “cricket academy” and, over time, “one of the best cricket schools in London”. Highbury Grove under 13s won the Middlesex indoor competition for the first time in 2012 and each year, we co-host the PwC's Strategy&/Chance to shine tournament for 40 schools in Regents Park
  • Arranging a women’s Entrepreneur’s Day involving a chocolate store in Covent Garden

Our work at the school has been recognised on television, radio and a series of articles in the Daily Telegraph.