Stop Blaming Your Culture

Organisational culture is a topic of great importance in today’s business world. A culture supportive of strategic and operational goals can be the magic that ignites greatness, a source of energy that sparks innovation and the differentiator that cannot be copied. However, if culture opposes strategy, the results can be disastrous.

Executives often grapple with the question of culture. They know that culture matters, but most have difficulty identifying how to best utilise, leverage and influence the power of their culture. It is no surprise then that many leaders choose to avoid the topic – either trying to work around their culture and/or blaming their poor performance on cultural excuses.

Jon Katzenbach and a select group of business leaders discussed fresh thinking on how organisational culture can be used to drive both short and long-term performance impact. A central discussion point included how executives can work with and within an organisation’s culture, changing behaviours to evolve its culture and achieve strategic objectives. Other topics included:

  • What is culture and how is it best deployed?

  • How can behaviour change influence culture?

  • What interventions can be put in place to drive behaviour change?

  • How can you evolve your culture with minimal disruption?

“In essence, “pride builders are like mums” – they bring out the best in you and encourage you to spend time working on how you can improve.”