A profitable business, when?

“I wouldn’t have gone for this if it wasn’t a trial, but now I’ve had it I would really miss it…you need to use it to see where the benefits and the value comes from.”

In November 2007 Booz & Company hosted a discussion on the future of m-payments. Since then, the technology has been proven and trials have moved on to selective implementation (e.g. NFC), with some companies now working towards mass market offerings before the end of 2010. However, the jury is still out on what the winning value proposition(s) is/are, the network solution to be employed, and the target scale and sources of revenue and profit to be achieved. Against this background, Booz & Company hosted a second cross industry discussion in London on 12 March 2009, addressing the topic of emerging value propositions and profitability (or lack of) in the m-payments environment.

The publication provides a synopsis of the key discussion areas and insights arising from the meeting. We also provide a perspective of how Booz & Company sees future progress in m-payments.