Making Multi Channel Work

“Channels today are blurring and customers are wanting to interact across multiple touchpoints – common pricing and propositions can ease that journey.”

The traditional distinctions between store, online, call centre and mobile sales and service models have become blurred. In an environment of ubiquitous connectivity, consumers expect to experience the same value, service and brand proposition irrespective of how they choose to interact with retailers and service providers.

A few players have understood the need for this seamless approach to customer relationships and are reaping the rewards of their integrated multi-channel strategies. Many others in retail, telecoms, media and financial services are struggling to break out of the traditional channel-specific approach. Getting multi-channel strategy wrong means failing to meet existing customer expectations but also missing out on a longer term opportunity of deepening customer relationships.

Strategy&’s experience shows that at the heart of every winning multi-channel strategy lies a thorough understanding of customer behaviour across each channel. Success then depends on how well a company drives alignment through its organisation and support structures to create an integrated and customer centric experience across all touch points.

You are invited to explore the subject over breakfast with a group of industry leaders working in the multi-channel space along with the experts at Strategy&. We hope to share and discuss a variety of perspectives on how to make multi-channel work.

Discussion topics:

  1. What have been the key learnings in making multichannel work and truly customer-centric?
  2. What capabilities do companies need to develop as their multi-channel offerings evolve over time?
  3. How do companies build flexibility into their system to service customers consistently across channels?
  4. What benefits have leading multi-channel players realised with respect to driving revenue growth and customer loyalty?