Managing Performance Today and Tomorrow: Global Talent Innovation

“Our challenge is loss of pride, purpose and motivation… how do we address this? A 4-day week with the same workload will not do it.”

This publication is based on a Breakfast Briefing held in June 2009. The publication provides a synopsis of the key discussion areas and insights arising from the event.

During a recession it is tempting to believe that people are so glad to have a job there is no reason to worry about retaining and motivating them, right? Wrong.

Booz & Company’s Breakfast Briefing was attended by a select group of leading organisations in various sectors including financial services, energy, media, leisure and the charity and public sectors. Sylvia Ann Hewlett, founder of the Center for Work-Life Policy and Co-leader of Global Talent Innovation, Booz & Company, presented her research on the danger of maintaining conventional assumptions during tough times and shared new insights about the youngest and oldest talent cohorts – Generation Y and the Baby Boomers. The ensuing discussion explored the impact of the recession on top talent. What talent challenges are organisations facing? What innovative responses are being adopted to retain and motivate top talent?