Differentiated supply chains: Mastering supply chain complexity

In November 2013, Strategy& hosted a roundtable and webinar session to discuss supply chain complexity. Antony Perillo, Group Director of Design and Development at Clarks shoes, and David Varian, Global Supply Strategy and Operational Excellent Move Director at Diageo, shared their experience of designing and implementing differentiated product development and supply chain approaches. A high level summary from the event can be found below.

Global trends are driving increased product and distribution complexity, as diverse and digitally-empowered customers demand ever-more tailored products and services. To remain competitive, companies across industries must embrace this growing complexity while maintaining the benefits of simple, streamlined supply chains to deliver their aspirations of growth, cost, working capital and sustainability.

We believe that companies can win with complexity by designing and operating a portfolio of differentiated supply chains. Each supply chain serves a coherent grouping of products and customers whose common characteristics enable end-to-end supply chain alignment.

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