Energy and utilities

Client examples

The following case studies are representative of PwC's Strategy&’s experience in the energy, chemicals and utilities sector.

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Strategic and well executed alliances can be game changers in business performance. See how we equipped our client with the tools to make the right decisions at the right stage to ensure they gain competitive advantage.
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An upstream oil and gas company operating in Asia was struggling with low growth because of insufficient new discoveries and developments, combined with a rising cost base associated with fields that were in decline and were producing more and more water.
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In many instances of working with clients, we have seen evidence of the benefits of a pride-building capability. The manufacturing division of a major company significantly expanding its production needed to improve the reliability of its refineries, and viewed the performance of its front line as a key factor for success.
find out more about spreading new behaviours for capital project delivery
An upstream business unit of a national oil company recognised that different departments were not communicating or collaborating sufficiently on capital project delivery, leading to delays in new production.